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The AMC Clinical Examination assesses clinical skills in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics and psychiatry. It also assesses ability to communicate with patients, their families and other health workers. Buy Australian Medical Council (AMC) certificate without exam

The examination consists of 150 A-type MCQs (one correct response from five options) It focuses on essential medical knowledge involving understanding of the disease process; clinical examination and diagnosis; and investigation, therapy and management.

For the AMC Clinical Exam 597 candidates passed out of 2,165 candidates assessed. That’s less than a 28% pass rate. So this means that the first part of the AMC is fairly hard compared to the second part which is extremely hard.31 Mar 2021.
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Annual survey of interns helps medical training to prepare graduates for medical practice
A major evaluation of the Australian Medical Council (AMC) – Medical Board of Australia (MBA) Preparedness for Internship Survey has AMC National Framework for Prevocational (PGY1 & PGY2) Medical Training Review- Update on Review

The AMC is reviewing the National Framework for Prevocational Medical Training (formerly, National Framework for Medical Internship). The AMC formally Digital Health in Medicine Capability Framework Consultation
The Australian Medical Council (AMC) and Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency)
The AMC has standard accreditation procedures that apply to all its accreditation processes, which include: medical school, intern training accreditation authority, specialist medical program, workplace based assessment program and pre-employment clinical interview provider accreditation. The procedures are customized to reflect the specific accreditation context. Following the Forum project, in October 2019, the AMC made a small number of minor changes to all of its accreditation procedures to bring them into line with the terminology endorsed by the Forum

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Buy Australian Medical Council (AMC) certificate without exam


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