BUY BMBS DEGREE WITHOUT EXAM. Do you want to make a difference? With patient experience and student satisfaction at its heart, this hands-on, forward-thinking degree will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to become an outstanding doctor primed for tomorrow’s healthcare needs. Nurturing critical thinking and a caring approach to your medical practice, we’ll help you develop the clinical and communication, teamwork and leadership skills for a top career in medicine.

You will benefit from close relationships with our principal NHS hospital partners. You will practise your clinical and communication skills in the safe setting of our Clinical Skills Resource Centre (CSRC), which features specially designed replicas of hospital wards and emergency rooms, with high-specification patient-simulators. You will also learn from real patients from the outset, with clinical placements starting in the first two weeks of year one. BUY BMBS DEGREE WITHOUT EXAM

Doctors play a vital role in the lives of so many, from the most joyful, to the toughest moments. At Nottingham, we’ll help you gain the clinical skills, knowledge and confidence to lead people through some of life’s most significant times. BUY BMBS DEGREE WITHOUT EXAM

Our unique course allows you to graduate with two degrees, a BMedSci and a BMBS. Once you complete your BMedSci, you’ll then work towards your BMBS. BUY BMBS DEGREE WITHOUT EXAM

The early years

You’ll develop an understanding of the scientific and professional basics of medicine. You’ll be taught subjects based on clinically relevant topics and patient examples. Areas of study will include, but are not limited to: respiratory, cardiovascular, cancer, musculoskeletal systems, gastrointestinal medicine, renal, endocrine, reproduction, and Central Nervous System. From year one, topics studied in lectures, seminars, clinical skills, and anatomy suites are supplemented by patient interactions in hospitals or primary care settings. This part culminates in a research project and will see you graduate with a BMedSci degree after year three.  BUY BMBS DEGREE WITHOUT EXAM

You’ll be taught by experienced clinicians and tutors, research a topic from a broad selection of specialisms and benefit from being part of our Medical School, based at one of the UK’s busiest hospitals – the Queen’s Medical Centre. Located just across the road from University Park Campus, meaning you’ll not only be part of our Medical School but also university life. You can take part in our student-led society, MedSoc at any stage of your course. They organise various events throughout the year, including a musical, and provide you with additional support, for example, peer mentoring.

The later years

Also called the Clinical Phase, is where you’ll undertake a series of immersive placements at hospitals and GP surgeries. You’ll cover a range of specialities and experience medicine in different care settings, giving you a broad understanding and experience of how differently the NHS functions and cares for patients. This part will see you graduate with a BMBS, enabling you to work as a doctor on the UK Foundation Programme after you graduate. WHERE TO BUY BMBS DEGREE WITHOUT EXAM

Our in-depth but highly rewarding course provides you with an excellent start on your journey to becoming a doctor.

Application process

We understand that applying for medicine can be complex. Please visit our applying to medicine guide for full information.





Choose a course that fits your study requirements

We offer multiple routes to medicine, if you meet the University of Nottingham contextual criteria but don’t expect to meet the grades for this course, you may want to consider our Medicine BMedSci BMBS with a Foundation Year (A108). The foundation year course gives you an extra year to ensure you have the skills you need to succeed in medicine. You cannot apply for both a five-year medicine course and the Medicine with a Foundation Year course. You also cannot use other foundation courses at this university or any other medical school to transfer onto this course.

We also offer this course at the Lincoln Medical School, Medicine at Lincoln BMedSci and BMBS (A10L). This course offers you the chance to achieve a University of Nottingham degree while studying at our new medical school in the heart of Lincoln.


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