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There are different return to practice courses (programmes) for each area of practice.

The length of course and the amount of practice learning you’ll do will depend on your individual needs.


ere to Your approved education institution (AEI), together with their practice learning partners, will design their programme to include practice learning, so that you’re able to gain appropriate skills and confidence to deliver safe and effective care in your intended area of practice to a diverse range of people

Find an approved course

We approve programmes in the UK that meet our return to practice programme standards.

where can i get  RM Certificate OnlineCheck that your course is on our list of approved programmes.

If you’ve previously been registered with us as a SCPHN, make sure your university knows to include the education and training you need in your return to practice course.

Find a course

After you complete your course

Returning to practice as a nurse or midwife

Your university will send us your details at the end of your course. We’ll then write to you to tell you to sign up to NMC Online to apply for readmission.

RM Certificate without examIf you already have an NMC Online account, well send an email to your registered email address.

You’ll then need to show how you meet all of our other readmission requirements.

Returning to practice as a SCPHN

To register as a SCPHN, you first need to register as a nurse or midwife. Your university will send us your details at the end of your course. We’ll then write to you and ask you to go online to finish your readmission application. This will put you back on the register as a nurse or a midwife.

Purchase RM Certificate without examWhen you’re back on the register, please ask your university to email us at [email protected] to confirm that your return to practice course also covered your SCPHN qualification. you can apply for  RM Certificate with us a valid certificate that will get a long way with your career without any issues in the future. where to Purchase RM Certificate without exam. buy nmc ptc certificate online

Pass RM Practice Registered Midwife (Practice Exam) Certification Exam

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